Good news for Russian People,they may get Corona vaccine this week

Amidst the havoc of Corona, Russian President Vladiputin suddenly announced on August 11 that Russia had made a vaccine on Corona. After this, experts from all over the world were surprised. Meanwhile, Russia again gave the good news that this week this vaccine will be available for common people.

In fact, a top Russian official has said that from this week the Corona virus vaccine ‘Sputnik V’ will be released to the common citizens. This vaccine was launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin on 11 August.

Russian news agency TASS quoted deputies director Denis Logunov at the Russian Academy of Sciences that Sputnik V vaccine would be released for wider use after permission from Russia’s Ministry of Health. The Health Ministry is going to start a test of this vaccine and we will get its permission soon.

According to the report, he said that there is a definite procedure to provide the vaccine to the common people. Batch of vaccine for civil use is to be obtained from 10 to 13 September. After this, the vaccine will start being applied to the public.

Let us know that this vaccine has been prepared by Gamalaya Research Institute of Moscow in collaboration with the Russian Ministry of Defense by making adenovirus a base. Two trials of this vaccine were conducted in June-July this year and included 76 participants. 100 percent antibody was developed in the results.

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