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‘Lemon seller’ gives Rs 75 lakh oxygen to Covid patients

Not only oxygen but also free transportation for coronavirus sufferers.

Coronavirus-ridden India has turned a blind eye to the country’s oxygen crisis.  Meanwhile, a former lemon seller named Peyare Khan surprised everyone by donating around 400 tonnes of liquid oxygen worth Rs 75 lakh to various hospitals in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

According to G-News, Peyare Khan lived with his mother and three siblings in the Tajbagh slum in Nagpur. In 1995, he used to sit outside the Nagpur railway station and sell oranges in baskets with his siblings. Mother used to do odd jobs. 

But how long does the family last by selling oranges in this way? Khan, an 18-year-old pair, decided to sell lemons and drive a car. After learning to drive, he took a job as a driver in a courier service. However, he lost his job in an accident 

At that time he had a strong passion for music. He was associated with a band called Nagpur Melody Makers. He lost his job and was driving an auto, but he gave up driving when the business trend took a turn for the worse. He bought a bus with a loan and sold musical instruments. 

Khan later bought the truck in 2004 at the age of 24. Then I did not have to look back. Not only did he repay the loan in two years; Today, he owns 125 trucks. His organization has 10 offices in different states of India. 

Today, he owns Rs 400 crore in his own work. However, even though he is a millionaire, he has not forgotten his hard work and roots. The coronavirus epidemic has come forward for the helpless people of the country. Not only oxygen, but also free transportation for coronavirus sufferers.



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