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Bangladesh News Gold Price| Today Gold & Silver Price in Bangladesh (18k/ 21k/ 22k/ traditional methods) Per Gram/ Vori

Bajus: what is bajus & How it is work. Most people still did not know must more about BAJUS and how it works, So here firstly we will discuss in short about Bajus then, without wasting any time we will share today current and accurate price of Gold and Silver as per 18 Karat, 21 Karat, 22 Kerat and Traditional Method material price per Gram or Vori.

Firstly we will share Today Gold/ Silver Price 2021 in Bangladesh then, below we also mentioned Working and About BAJUS full detail.

Silver & Gold Today Price 2021 in Bangladesh

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22k, 21k , 18k Gold Silver Price Live

What is BAJUS?

Bangladesh Jewelers Association (Bajus) is a non-political, non-profit and service-oriented trade organization registered under the Companies Act, 1913 and licensed by the Ministry of Commerce. It is basically make standard rules and regulation for the Jewelers in Bangladesh Country. You can search for Latest and Today price of Gold & Silver directly from this website. As, it is trust worthy and only have rights to make standard rate for 18k, 21k, 22k Gold/ Silver price across Bangladesh Market.

Bajus is also a first class active member of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI). Although the Bangladesh Jewelers’ Association started its activities to transform the post-independence war-torn country into the golden Bengal of dreams, to expand the domestic gold industry and economic liberation, it overcame various obstacles and became institutionalized on Saturday 26 July 1974. (To learn more about Bajus: Click Here)

How Bajus Work?

Bajus determines the price of gold in the domestic market considering the international market, domestic market and the general consumer. Coordinates with various ministries and agencies of the government to outline the development of the jewelery industry and its significant contribution to the national economy, and promotes and enforces rules and regulations among the members of the government to ensure fair and competitive business expansion. Bajus also aims to connect the jewelery traders and buyers, participate in and organize various international trade fairs to promote foreign trade and promote themselves in the international arena, and formulate and implement various constructive activities for the development of industry and artists.(To learn more about Bajus: Click Here)



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