International travellers arriving in Uttar Pradesh will have to remain in 14 days’ compulsory home quarantine now,

The Uttar Pradesh government has done away with the seven days’ mandatory institutional quarantine for international travellers arriving in the state provided they fulfil certain conditions amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Under the new guidelines, they will have to remain in 14 days’ compulsory home quarantine now, additional chief secretary (health and family welfare) Amit Mohan Prasad said Wednesday.

According to the new guidelines, the exemption from institutional quarantine will be granted to pregnant women coming by international flights, those visiting the state from abroad due to a death in the family, those suffering from a terminal illness, and parents of children below 10 years of age.

Foreign travellers who get RT-PCR tests of their samples done 96 hours before boarding a flight and test negative will be exempted from the seven days’ institutional quarantine, he said.

The central government amended the quarantine guidelines for domestic as well as the international travellers and the state government made changes accordingly.

According to the earlier guidelines, international travellers had to go for seven days’ institutional quarantine followed by seven days’ home quarantine, he said.

Earlier, domestic travellers coming to UP by train or the flight had to remain in 14 days’ compulsory home quarantine if they were not leaving the state within seven days.

The state government has now amended the order for residents of the state going to another state for official or private work and then returning to UP. Residents of UP returning to the state within five days will not be quarantined if they have no symptoms of Covid-19.

But if they have coronavirus infection symptoms, they will have to go for 14 days’ home isolation during which their sample will be tested. If the report is positive, the person will be admitted in hospital, Prasad said.

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