After 65 employees came to Corona positive of Sukhdev dhaba,7 employees of 3 dhabas of Karnal are corona positive

After 65 employees came to Corona positive at Sukhdev Dhaba, Karnal Health Department went to different dhabas and took corona sampling of employees and in which dhabas have been closed after many employees came positive

When the Health Department conducted a corona test at the famous Sukhdev Dhaba in Murthal, Sonipat, there was a stir after the report came because the report of 65 employees came positive. After this, corona testing was conducted on several other dhabas, in which 7 employees of different dhabas were found infected.

Thousands of people travel on the highway every day and eat food on these dhabas, due to which the Karnal Health Department went separately to conduct corona tests of the employees working on the dhabas, in which 1 employee on a dhaba turned out to be corona positive and 4 on the Mayur Dhaba And 2 employees turned out corona positive at Jhilmil Punjabi Dhaba.

The dhabas have been closed for 48 hours after these employees were found to be corona positive. Now these dhabas will be sanitized.

At present, the process of taking sampling from the health department and going to the dhabas will continue, so that it can be known which employee is positive and which is negative.

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