China is trying to provoke, wanted to enter the Mukpari area, debate on hotline also

Such activities are being done continuously by China, which are trying to spoil the atmosphere. On Monday-Tuesday too, China again tried to infiltrate, but failed

The situation on the border between India and China has become very tense. After the incident of firing on the Ladakh border on Monday, Chinese troops again tried to infiltrate on Tuesday, which was thwarted. At Rejang La near Ladakh, China tried to capture and brought arms in front of Indian soldiers. But the soldiers of the Indian Army, exercising restraint, drove out the Chinese soldiers. Meanwhile, a picture of seven September came out which opened the pole of the Chinese Army, in the picture, Chinese soldiers are seen moving towards the Indian side with weapons.

Tension at the border, Indian army is exercising moderation
According to government sources, the troops on the Ladakh border have an open directive not to allow any violation, although during this time Indian soldiers will also follow the rules and agreements on their behalf. This is the reason why clashes that have taken place in the last few days have been instigated by China and Indian soldiers have shown restraint. The Chinese army is continuously increasing its strength on the border. On Tuesday also about 50 Chinese soldiers tried to come towards the Indian Post near Mukherpari.

According to the latest situation, the Chinese army has mobilized around 1500 soldiers in the area of ​​Pandora Lake near Chushul Heights. They are also accompanied by artillery guns and other weapons. At the same time, the Indian Army has captured Mukhapri, Rechan La and Rejang La near Spengur Lake.

No more face to face meeting, talk on hotline
Till now, in the midst of disputes, the brigade commanders of both the armies were talking face to face in Chushul area. But things have changed after Monday’s incident, the commanders spoke on the hotline the previous day. During this time a lot of heated debate took place, which shows that things are getting worse. The way the Chinese army tried to enter Mukherpari Peak area, it was complained on the Indian side, which was debated.

Many weapons are seen with Chinese soldiers in the picture, but now China says that they are part of their culture, so they are not a threat. Rather, the truth is that China once again wanted to do what it did in Galvan. However, it is still decided in both the brigadiers that the process of negotiations will remain open.

The Indian Army has occupied important strategic posts on the border, which is why the Chinese camp is showing disenchantment. On the other hand, the issue is also being resolved through diplomatic method. Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar is currently in Russia, where he is also scheduled to meet Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

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