China fire When the commanders of the two countries were talking,know the whole story

The firing incident took place between the soldiers of both the armies on the India and China border. However, these were warning shots, so no one was hurt. But this has happened after four decades when the border is shot

On Monday night, firing occurred on the Ladakh border between the army of India and China. When the Chinese army tried to enter the Indian border, it was stopped. But if you do not agree then the warning fire was done. This firing incident occurred when the brigade commanders of the army of the two countries were talking about peace. What is the inside story of this incident on Monday, know …

• This firing incident occurred near the Ladakh border between India and China, when the India-China Brigade Commander Officer was talking about reducing tension in the nearby Chushul Moldo area.

• This firing incident occurred in the southern area of ​​BPM post near Chushul. Where China tried to infiltrate, then there was some skirmish and the Chinese army first fired warning shots. After this, the Indian army drove the Chinese troops into their border.

• After this incident, there was a huge gathering of soldiers in Chushul area. This matter could have been even bigger, but with time, the big officers intervened and made it quiet.

• According to sources, this incident between the armies of the two countries took place between 6 to 7 in the evening on 7 September. In Pangong, a Chinese petrol team came very close to the Indian post.

• The soldiers of the Indian Army recognized the movement of the Chinese soldiers and froze with promptness in their area. Warning firing shots were fired during this incident between Gurung Hill and Rajangla Hill.

• This incident was exactly like that, there was a clash on the helmet top last week. Ever since India took over helmets and black tops, the Chinese Army has been doing such activities ever since. But China has not been successful in its efforts so far.

Significantly, this has happened after nearly four decades, when there was firing on the India-China border. This is why stress is constantly increasing. An official statement has not yet come from the Indian Army on the incident of the past, but China has issued a statement accusing India of spoiling the atmosphere.

Even before this, there have been many attempts from China to negotiate on one side and then there have been attempts to infiltrate the other side.

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