NCB attack in Ria drugs case, Shovik’s vendor companion Suryadeep got

Assault of Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), which is researching the medications point, is going on in the examination of entertainer Sushant Singh Rajput case. Today, the NCB group has been striking the place of medication seller Suryadeep Malhotra since morning.

Assault of Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), which is examining the medications edge, is going on in the examination of entertainer Sushant Singh Rajput case. Today, the NCB group has been assaulting the place of medication vendor Suryadeep Malhotra since morning. Suryadeep is Riya Chakraborty’s sibling Shovik’s school companion and huge numbers of his visits have surfaced. Suryadeep can be brought to the NCB office in a brief timeframe.

Simultaneously, Riya Chakraborty and seven medication vendors trapped in the Bollywood Drugs Connection will be introduced in the ACMM court today. All the blamed are being taken for clinical test. One of the seven charged was captured from Goa. The names of the individuals who have been named are – Karamjit Singh Anand otherwise known as KJ, Dwayne Fernandes, Sanket Patel, Ankush Arjenka, Sandeep Gupta, Aftab Fateh Ansari and Chris Costa.

The most significant capture was that of medication merchant KJ moniker Karamjeet. Hemp and charas were found from 23-year-old KJ. Two medication sellers, including Anthony, were captured from Dadar. They additionally got a large portion of a kilo of weed. Ankai Arneja was gotten from Powai, who used to consume medications from KJ. Krrish Costa was gotten from Goa. After these captures, the image of medication association is turning out to be much more clear.

The medication racket has seen four major players. Karamjit otherwise known as KJ, Zaid Vilatra, Anuj Keshwani and Ankush Araneja. Karamjit was a major part in the racket. He ingested medications to Sushant multiple times through Samuel Miranda and Deepesh Sawant. A portion of the more Rajdars of Shovik have additionally gone ahead the radar of NCB dependent available to come in to work subtleties.

Samuel Miranda and Deepesh Sawant used to get medicates through KJ. After this, from Shovik and Riya to Sushant. Anthony additionally used to offer medications to Dipesh and Miranda ordinarily which came to Sushant. The entire racket was that Chris used to originate from Costa to Drug Keswani. Kaizan was the go between. Karamjeet gets the medication from him and afterward proceeds.

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