Akshay Kumar returns to previous lifestyle as server on Into The Wild with Bear Grylls: ‘I have heaps of cash. Yet, that life is something else’

Akshay Kumar shared different stories from his life on the most recent scene of Into The Wild with Bear Grylls. Tasting elephant crap tea or zip-lining over crocodile-pervaded lakes, Akshay discussed all he has accomplished throughout everyday life.

Entertainer Akshay Kumar is the most recent Indian VIP to show up on experience unscripted TV drama Into The Wild with Bear Grylls. On the show, Akshay imparted a ton of affectionate recollections to Bear, remembering his time as a server for Thailand and the principal check he earned as a model.

Conversing with the host, as they cleared their path through the wildernesses of Karnataka’s Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Akshay said that he loved his life as a server for the opportunity it brought him. The entertainer referenced how he once got a kiss on his cheek from a lady as tip. “I realize I have heaps of cash. However, that life is something else. I had such a large amount of opportunity,” he said on the show.

Akshay likewise got customized messages from his significant other Twinkle Khanna and partners Katrina Kaif and Suniel Shetty. Every one of them shared expressions of help for Akshay.

Tasting bubbled elephant crap tea and zip-lining over a crocodile-invaded lakes, the entertainer additionally informed Bear regarding the time he did a change to demonstrating from being a hand to hand fighting instructor. On the proposal of an understudy’s dad, Akshay chose to go for a demonstrating shoot and earned a major, fat check of Rs 21,000 for two hours’ work. “I said this is splendid. I thought, the entire month I battle and show individuals and get Rs 5000,” he said.

Akshay, who was learning the procedure of ascending a rope stepping stool at the extraction point, got wounded and said that he has never endeavored the ability in his life. “I’ve never climbed this. I’ve ascended a great deal of stepping stools, yet never one foot ahead, one foot behind. This will be the first occasion when I’m going to have a go at doing this,” he said.

After he arrived on the scaffold he shouted in satisfaction and named the second as a keepsake. “The ascension was awesome. Truly had a ball. Discovered some new information, how to climb. One foot ahead, one foot behind, that is something new which I learned. What’s more, here it is, a keepsake,” he said.

Prior visitors on the show incorporate Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Tamil whiz Rajinikanth.

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