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क्रिप्टो क्रैश, चिंगारी दहशत; ड्रीम कैपिटल ने क्रिकेट एनएफटी का पीछा किया

रूस द्वारा यूक्रेन में सैन्य अभियान शुरू करने के बाद गुरुवार को बिटकॉइन की कीमत 8% से अधिक गिरकर $ 35,000 से नीचे आ गई। भू-राजनीतिक तनाव और अमेरिकी ब्याज दरों में बढ़ोतरी की संभावना के कारण, डिजिटल संपत्ति अब…

“Bitcoin Just seems like a Scam” Said by Former US president Donald Trump, Know more detail

The Former U.S. President Donald Trump reiterated his negative stance on bitcoin during a Monday morning interview, declaring that “it just seems like a scam.” Speaking with Fox Business’s Stu Varney, Trump said: “Bitcoin, it just seems like a scam. I…

BTC, Dogecoin, ETH, cumrocket All Cryptocurrency Price today June 2021

Most cryptocurrencies were trading in the green today, June 7, as the overall market capitalisation of all tokens jumped 1.54 percent over the previous day to $1.66 trillion. In line with the general trend, the largest cryptocurrency, bitcoin was trading in…