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Delhi Lockdown: दिल्ली में फिर से लगा लॉक डाउन , 6 दिनों के लिए रहे गी राजधानी दिल्ली बंध

The country’s capital Delhi is currently battling the latest wave of Corona virus. Nearly 25 thousand cases are coming to Delhi every day, due to which the health system has completely collapsed. Many hospitals in Delhi do not have ICU beds, there is lack of oxygen elsewhere.

In the midst of this catastrophe, a lockdown has been imposed in Delhi once again. This lockdown will continue from 10 pm on Monday (today) till 5 am next Monday.

In this lockdown of a week, what rules will apply, what will be open and where will there be exemption. Understand the order of Delhi Government …

– Lockdown has been imposed in Delhi from 19.04.2021 (Monday) from 10 am to 26.04.2021 (Monday) from 5 am.

– Officers working in central government ministries and offices will be allowed to exit during lockdown. (ID card has to be displayed)

– People connected with work related to health, police, home guard, civil defense, fire service, water, sanitation, public transport, corona will also be exempt during lockdown (ID card has to be shown )

– All judges, lawyers, work in court Those who do will get a discount. (ID card, Entry pass, Permission must be shown)

– Exemption for going out to doctors, nurses, staff working in government or private hospitals. Hospitals, labs, medical oxygen suppliers and others associated with the same area will also have to go out (show ID card)

– Those who have been tested for corona, who have been vaccinated will also have to get an exemption (ID card) – Airport , Railway station, bus station / people to go out. (ID card has to be displayed) – Media people should be allowed to go out (show ID card)

– No interruption of vehicles going from one state to another. (ID card has to be displayed)



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